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Community Policing Safe Place To Talk Race

Since the controversial shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a national debate on police, race, social status and ethnicity has become the new norm of America. Unlike the initial criminal justice reform debates that were fueled by over one hundred days of continual public protest that eventually erupted into riots and looting in Ferguson, the continued wave of unrest still emanating from Urban America has begun to spark calls for aggressive legislative reforms for improving police initial contact with citizens from multi-ethic communities. In addition, court-enforceable consent decrees have been issued by the Department of Justice to institute police reforms in departments that have found themselves lacking a fortified Urban Portfolio after a catastrophic incident between police and multi-ethic communities.


Shafiq R.F. Abdussabur special guest lecturer at Yale University Divinity School March 2017

Scientific Approaches

When asked about the best scientific approach? The response is often, “find the best practice.” From the current state of police and urban relations nationwide, previous alleged best practices regarding effective community policing have not improved the historically poor relationship between police and the urban community particularly when engaging Black, Hispanic and Latino males. Most POST standards only require new recruits and cadets to do four to eight hours of social programming over six months of training. Many police and law enforcement agencies grossly lack diversity within their academy classes, training staff, command staff and executive leadership. This further exacerbates stereotyping and biases of race, culture, social status, gender and religion due to the department’s culture of a direct lack of knowledge. This creates the “us against them syndrome” in law enforcement.

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Racial Profiling Preventive Solutions

A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America

Book teaches ways to stop racism, highlights incidents of black men shot by police, and solutions.

I wanted to at least share the valuable content in my book about my unique approaches for reforming modern-day policing and racial profiling prevention. The book teaches ways to stop racism,  highlights incidents of Black men shot by police, and gives solutions to the problems that contribute to these deadly encounters. Last year,  I met DeRay McKesson in downtown New Haven. I armed him with a copy of my book- A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America. He gave me the pleasure of gaining incite on how the Black Lives Matter movement started. Deray stated that it initially started out as #CampaignZero, which to my understanding evolved to the #blacklivesmatter movement which is reported to have been co-founded by three black activists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

Deray stated that he and some friends had been home in Saint Louis watching the events unfold in Ferguson days following the Michael Brown shooting on August 9, 2014. Once they arrived, they would later join the protest. Overreaction by #ferguson police started after a Black protester threw a water bottle at the Ferguson Riot Police during the initial protest and the #Fergusonpolice responded with a barrage of tear gas.

In March 2015 the Los Angeles Times named DeRay McKesson one of the “new civil rights leaders” for the 21st century. He is noted for the iconic hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. A voice for millions across America this young Black male has made it clear that #BlackMouthsMatter in a never-ending struggle for social justice in the 21st century.

The desire and demands for criminal justice reform in America may not be seen for years to come. This is why I wrote this “cutting edge guide” in efforts to provide the community with information that would educate them and vital insight on what they can do to avoid many of these fatal police related shootings and deadly encounters.

A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America has been featured in the  Huffington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, NPR-Where We Live, New Haven Independent, NPR-All Things Considered, New Haven Register, WYBC-Electric Drum, New Haven Advocate, Russian Radio, BBC, PBS, New York Daily News, Hartford Courant, and Al Jazeera America.

This one of a kind and unique book educates minority youth and police about their respective perceptions which is why it has been nationally recognized as one of the most important concepts in reducing Disproportionate Minority Contact–DMC in the present day American Criminal Justice System as featured in the PBS documentary “Color of Justice.”

This book educates youth and police about their respective perceptions which is why it has been nationally recognized by Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice- as one of the most important concepts in reducing Disproportionate Minority Contact–DMC in the present day American Criminal Justice System as featured in the PBS documentary “Color of Justice.”



Announcing 2016 Urban Writers Series


Urban Writers Series, Workshop (Free)

MR-writers-block-guyAre you a writer and have fallen off of the writer’s wagon? Are you bogged down with social media and inundated with day-to-day family stress, work pressures and of course, bill management? Is that book you have been working on for months-years now collecting dust in a corner of your home? 
You wish to escape this year and get away to do what you long to do – write and finish your book? Actually your manuscript.
The Institute Library is excited to announce a new partnership program, The Urban Writers Series, co-hosted by Boldminds LLC and The Institute Library. We will host an inaugural, (FREE) 2-part workshop in January 2016. Each day will address practical issues facing writers, is offered for free, and is limited to 20 participants. Register today to reserve your space.  Only nine (9) so register today.

Part 1: Saturday January 9  2016 from 11:00 AM2:00 PM

Location: 847 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
Workshop Part 1: Saturday January 9, 2016  Capacity: 20 max

  • How to get your manuscript started
  • Focusing on a Main Topic
  • Main Idea and Chapter Development
  • Manuscript inspection (1 per/person)
  • Question and Dialogue

You must attend Part 1 in order to attended Part 2

Workshop Part 2: Saturday January 23, 2016
11am-2pm; Capacity: 20 max (Must have attended Part 1)

  • How to get your manuscript back on track
  • Manuscript inspection (1 per/person)
  • Author forensics on manuscript
  • Copyrights
  • Publication resources
  • Question and Dialogue

Urban Writers Series, Workshop
oordinator Natalie N. Elicker
Workshop Facilitator Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur
Location: 847 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
203.562.4045 (library)
Save the date for our 2016 Urban Writers/Authors Conference, “Writing with Social Consciousness,” Saturday, May 14, 2016, 9am-5pm. Details will be announced soon.


Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored

URBAN TALK RADIO “Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored”
Aired November 25, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP

Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored -UTR 10-25-2015
Listen Live December 2, 2105 Here:

In 1998, a journalist for MSNBC reported on a controversial story that explained America’s role in possibly creating Al-Qaeda. He stated that the CIA’s reckless strategies in the region were led by CIA’s Rudyard Kipling, who was the “on the ground” training coordinator for the mujahedeen. Michaels goes also pointed out that it was the CIA who coordinated with the Saudi Government Officials to recruit Osama Bin Laden to act as field commander for the Afghan mujahedeen. The role of the United States did not stop there. The United States then authorized Special Forces style training for over 450,000 Afghan mujahedeen. That new, well-trained American friendly force was a collection of Muslim men from countries from around the world.

One would not have expected to see such a group as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS”, also referred to as “ISIL” or the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Whose members are American, Asian, Pacific- Asian, African, Syrian, Russian and the list goes on. They are Black, White, Spanish, French, Chinese, and so on. Though they represent the entire world’s population, they are not the entire world. They are motivated by naked ambition based on religious beliefs unchecked by the masses of well-known Islamic Scholars.

    • What is the role of American Muslims in dealing with ISIS/ISIL?
    • Do American Muslims have issues of race in their own communities?
    • Islamophobia, Racial Profiling, and Black Lives Matter- do these issues that seem to keep the Muslim and Non-Muslim American cultures divided, strengthen ISIS/ISIL argument about Western Democracy?

Show Guests:

  • Kashif Abdul-Kareem-Resident Imam, Muhammed Islamic Center of Greater Hartford

  • Mongi Dhaouadi- Executive Director- Council on American–Islamic Relations CAIR Connecticut

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Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored

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The Violence of Guns in America

URBAN TALK RADIO “The Violence of Guns in America”
Aired October 14, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
Listen to the show now on SoundCloud:
The Violence of Guns in America -UTR 10-14-2015

To date in America, there has been 994 mass shootings in 1,004 days. It is estimated that gun violence has killed 30,000 people a year for the last 20 years. Even though recent reports have shown that violent crime has declined in urban cities nationwide, Urban Gun crime still remains a chronic issue facing young Black, Hispanic and Latino men in America. Gun violence continues to be a tremendous problem for all Americans from the inner-city projects of Chicago, to small sleepy towns in the middle of Oregon. Thus, an effective solution requires a collective response as both our elected officials, religious leaders, organizations, institutions and individuals of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Show Guest:

  • Barbara Fair- The founder of My Brother’s Keeper a grassroots organization focused on improving Social Justice. She is a member of New Haven chapter of the ACLU

  • Ron Pinciaro has been Executive Director of CT Against Gun Violence (CAGV) for 14 years.

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Talking Economic Disparity

URBAN TALK RADIO Talking Economic Disparity” Aired September 30, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
Listen to the show now on SoundCloud:
Talking Economic Disparity -UTR 9-30-2015
The Rich, The Broke and The Poor.
Recently Colleges Vow to Simplify Application Process, Comic Strip Nails Why Poor Americans Aren’t Just ‘Asking For Handouts’, Education alone can’t solve America’s racial wealth gap, and Education alone can’t solve America’s racial wealth gap.
New England Power Couple, Shafiq Abdussabur and Mubarakah Ibrahim, join forces to address the growing dilemma of Economic Disparity in American Families. Their daughter, Salwa Abdussabur, joined the discussion to add the teen perspective. 

Show guests: 
Mubarakah Ibrahim- Host of Mornings With Mubarakah  
Shafiq Abdussabur- Host of Urban Talk Radio  
Salwa Abdussabur- Host of Sas Talking With Salwa 

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Social Justice Artistic Expression

URBAN TALK RADIO “A look at Arresting Patterns”
Aired on September 9, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
Listen to the show now on SoundCloud:
Social Justice Artistic Expression -UTR 9-9-2015 (2)
January 10, 2014, The O’Reilly Factor,” The study examined data from 1997 to 2008 by four American criminal justice professors reviled that nearly half of all black males under the age of 23 have been arrested in the U.S.A. And nearly 40 of white males in that age group have been arrested as well.
Ferguson’s- The Justice Department examination found that black citizens, who make up about 67 percent of the city’s 21,000 residents, were subject to 85 percent of traffic stops, and 93 percent of all arrests from 2012 to 2014.
The burden of this misguided court operation fell disproportionately on the town’s poorest citizens, many of whom fell into massive debt, lost their drivers licenses, could not keep a job, or ended up behind bars, investigators found.
As of December 2014, 16,000 of the 21,000 people (76%) had outstanding arrest warrants issued by the Ferguson Municipal Court, most of them for minor violations such as parking and traffic infractions.
In May of 2015, Times Magazine reported that Black residents in Minneapolis are 8.7 times more likely than whites to get arrested for low-level offenses, according to a new ACLU report-

Studio Guests:
Helen Kauder, Executive Director, Artspace in New Haven. In 1998, She Co-founded City-Wide Open Studios (CWOS).
Ruby Gonzalez, a young artist and Artspace apprentice who was part of the Jerome Project.

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Social Justice Artistic Expression“A look at Arresting Patterns”

Cops and Coffee” Finding a Police Cure

URBAN TALK RADIO segment of Cops and Coffee “Finding a Police Cure”
Airs Live August 26, 2015  10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
Listen to the show now on SoundCloud:
UTR-Finding a police cure-UTR 8-26-2015
Terrell J. Starr a senior New York editor of the online news network AlterNet recently wrote an article entitled “Body Cams Can Capture Abuse, But Can They End Police Brutality?” His article suggest that Criminal justice experts say much more is needed to really reform police departments nationwide. Stacy Spell a retired New Haven homicide detective believes that a key to police reform is “Community Building.” Since his retirement in 2006, he has since reinvigorated the West River Neighborhood Services Corporation and put special focus on working with at-risk young people. He has now expanded his philosophy by creating and implementing new strategies through his new post.

Two approaches to a big problem and we will discuss these solutions and others over a nice hot cup of coffee.

Criminal justice experts say much more is needed to really reform police departments nationwide.

Show Guests:

  • Terrell Jermaine Starr-Senior New York editor at online news network AlterNet.
  • Stacy Spell-Retired NHPD Detective, New Haven Project Longevity Chief, Community Organizer, New Haven Independent 2011 “Man of the Year”

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URBAN TALK RADIO – Aired August 19, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP

Listen to the this show now on SoundCloud:
Based on urban city models nationwide, a road diet plan holds the potential to improve safety for everyone who uses the roads in New Haven. Implementation of protected bike lanes along those corridors will separate cyclists from traffic. Will this plan increase bike safety? Is biking a culture or is it just cultural? Is urban biking the new “green way to go” to work of run errands? Will expensive bikes and bike repairs dominate your monthly household budget?

Show Guests:

  • Doug Hausladen serves as the Director of the Transportation, Traffic & Parking department for the City of New Haven. Acting Executive Director of Parking Authority
  • John Brehon, Sales Manager for The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop located at 151 Orange New Haven, Connecticut

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Airs Live 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
Wednesday August 12, 2015 show will be a hot one!

Listen to the this show now on SoundCloud:

About Wednesday’s Show: Public opinion about police officers, police tactics, and even police statements are now heavily scrutinized by every news agency hungry to compete for viewers, followers and Facebooks “Likes. “This #BlackLivesMatter movement was not the result of a mandate by Congress or laws set forth by State governments. It is merely a fierce grassroots movement that has created enormous awareness to a series of incidents that have involved six controversial police shootings of unarmed Black males in a span of 12 months.

Sass Talkin with Salwa will open up the show talking about #Blacklivesmatters


Our Studio Guests:
Community Organizer Latrice M. Hampton, A young leader and voice of modern-day urban America-She will be discussing the provocative challenges or not that face young urban Americans.

Senator Gary Holder-Winfield​ will be discussing the drastic changes in store for CT police departments-The new Bill Public Act No. 15-4AN ACT CONCERNING EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE

Make sure you tune in 103.5 FM
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Show host and producers: Boldminds​ and Salwa Flowerchild Abdussabur​


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