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Talking Economic Disparity

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URBAN TALK RADIO Talking Economic Disparity” Aired September 30, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP
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Talking Economic Disparity -UTR 9-30-2015
The Rich, The Broke and The Poor.
Recently Colleges Vow to Simplify Application Process, Comic Strip Nails Why Poor Americans Aren’t Just ‘Asking For Handouts’, Education alone can’t solve America’s racial wealth gap, and Education alone can’t solve America’s racial wealth gap.
New England Power Couple, Shafiq Abdussabur and Mubarakah Ibrahim, join forces to address the growing dilemma of Economic Disparity in American Families. Their daughter, Salwa Abdussabur, joined the discussion to add the teen perspective. 

Show guests: 
Mubarakah Ibrahim- Host of Mornings With Mubarakah  
Shafiq Abdussabur- Host of Urban Talk Radio  
Salwa Abdussabur- Host of Sas Talking With Salwa 

Make sure you tune in at 10am EDT 103.5 FM-LP
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