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Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored

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URBAN TALK RADIO “Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored”
Aired November 25, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP

Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored -UTR 10-25-2015
Listen Live December 2, 2105 Here:

In 1998, a journalist for MSNBC reported on a controversial story that explained America’s role in possibly creating Al-Qaeda. He stated that the CIA’s reckless strategies in the region were led by CIA’s Rudyard Kipling, who was the “on the ground” training coordinator for the mujahedeen. Michaels goes also pointed out that it was the CIA who coordinated with the Saudi Government Officials to recruit Osama Bin Laden to act as field commander for the Afghan mujahedeen. The role of the United States did not stop there. The United States then authorized Special Forces style training for over 450,000 Afghan mujahedeen. That new, well-trained American friendly force was a collection of Muslim men from countries from around the world.

One would not have expected to see such a group as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS”, also referred to as “ISIL” or the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Whose members are American, Asian, Pacific- Asian, African, Syrian, Russian and the list goes on. They are Black, White, Spanish, French, Chinese, and so on. Though they represent the entire world’s population, they are not the entire world. They are motivated by naked ambition based on religious beliefs unchecked by the masses of well-known Islamic Scholars.

    • What is the role of American Muslims in dealing with ISIS/ISIL?
    • Do American Muslims have issues of race in their own communities?
    • Islamophobia, Racial Profiling, and Black Lives Matter- do these issues that seem to keep the Muslim and Non-Muslim American cultures divided, strengthen ISIS/ISIL argument about Western Democracy?

Show Guests:

  • Kashif Abdul-Kareem-Resident Imam, Muhammed Islamic Center of Greater Hartford

  • Mongi Dhaouadi- Executive Director- Council on American–Islamic Relations CAIR Connecticut

Make sure you tune in at 10am EDT 103.5 FM-LP
Stream Live:

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Urban American Muslims Talk ISIS Uncensored

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